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The Lost Ticket - a heartwarming story about unexpected friendships.

Frank, a man in his 80s, has been searching for the woman who changed his life. In 1962, he met a spirited red-headed young woman on his local bus. The two had an immediate connection. An aspiring artist, she drew a quick portrait of him and gave Frank her name and number on the back of her bus ticket with plans to meet. She also encouraged him to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. When he got home, he realized he had lost the ticket. Frank never saw the woman again. Decades later, after a career as an actor, Frank has never stopped looking for "his girl". He rides the same bus route hoping he'll see her again. On one ride, he meets Libby. She is about to turn 30 years old and has just been dumped by Simon, her boyfriend of eight years. Without a job and nowhere to live, Libby moves in temporarily with her sister and brother-in-law, helping with the care of her nephew. An unlikely friendship develops between Libby and Frank as Libby, with the help of his caregiver Dylan, an imposing man with tattoos and a mohawk, set out to find the girl Frank met on the bus all those years ago.

The Lost Ticket completely captured my heart. Author Freya Sampson has created a lovely and moving story that brings together a group of people who provide love and support for one another at a time when they truly need it. It's also a page-turner that keeps the reader wanting to desperately know if Frank will ever find the woman he is searching for. I became very attached to all of the wonderful characters. I'm so glad I took a short break from thrillers and heavy historical fiction to read this touching book that tapped into so many emotions.

Many thanks to Berkley Publishing for the opportunity to read this heartwarming book before its publication.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

General Fiction.

Publication Date: August 30, 2022.

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