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The Summer House: an entertaining, action-packed thriller.

If you’re a die-hard James Patterson fan, you’ve probably already read The Summer House. But it’s been a while since I’d read one of his books and this was not an automatic read. I have to admit that it was the book’s title and cover that got my attention. Well, this is not a light, beach read. But a good read nevertheless.

An historic house in Sullivan County, Georgia is no longer the landmark it once was. It is in poor condition and rented by a seedy group including drug dealers. When all the members of the house, including two women and a two year old girl, are murdered, the evidence points to four Army Rangers who recently returned from Afghanistan. The Army's Criminal Investigation Division (CID), led by Major Jeremiah Cook, is called in to insure that the Rangers are treated fairly and to find out what truly happened. The local sheriff and most everyone in the county are uncooperative to these outsiders. Major Cook and his team start to put the pieces of this tragedy together and what was viewed as an open-and-shut case is much more complicated.

As the truth unfolds, The Summer House becomes fast-paced and you’ll be anxious to find out how it all turns out. I enjoy mysteries yet I’m normally not drawn to books with military themes. But Patterson's latest is well done and I’m glad I read it.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Mystery / Thriller.

Publication Date: June 8, 2020.

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