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Sisters of Night and Fog – two courageous women’s extraordinary efforts during WWII.

In her last book, Invisible Woman, author Erika Robuck wrote about Virginia Hall, who valiantly served in the British-based clandestine organization SOE (Special Operations Executive) during World War II. There were many women who exhibited incredible bravery during the war and in Sisters of Night and Fog, Robuck tells of two more - Virginia d'Albert-Lake and Violette Szabo, in this fictionalized story of two extraordinary, historical women.

American-born Virginia, married to a Frenchman, chose to remain in France to join the Resistance alongside her husband Phillipe. Violette, a high-spirited woman with a sense of adventure and motivated by loss, is recruited to serve in the SOE. Through extensive research, Robuck tells each woman’s story in alternating chapters. The lives of the two women come together when they are arrested and taken to Fresnes Prison near Paris and then are placed in Ravensbrück concentration camp in Germany.

In a crowded field of heartbreaking books that describe the efforts of brave people and what it was like to try to survive during this horrific period in history, Sisters of Night and Fog stands out because of the author’s excellent descriptive writing and the fact that these women’s stories truly happened. And their stories needed to be told. You’ll want to read more about Virginia and Violette but read the book first and do your own research after. I was greatly moved.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Historical Fiction.

Publication Date: March 1, 2022.

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