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My Darling Husband - secrets and lies put a man's family in danger in this tense thriller.

Cam and Jade Lasky and their two children were living a charmed life in the Buckhead section of Atlanta. A celebrity chef with popular restaurants, Cam was dubbed “Atlanta’s Steak King.” When his most successful restaurant went up in flames, his life started to come apart. This engaging thriller starts in the present with Cam being interviewed by Channel 7 Action News after a tragic home invasion. The media is presenting him as a fraudster and money-hungry villain. Now, he wants to tell his story.

My Darling Husband is told in flashbacks on the day of the fire. Jade and children Beatrix and Baxter are kidnapped within their home by a masked man with a gun demanding $734,296 from Cam. The ransom must be paid by 7pm. Each chapter is presented from the varying points-of-view of Jade, Cam and Sebastian, the kidnapper, who knows many details about the family except that Cam is broke and deep in debt. A fact Jade is unaware of as well. As 7pm approaches, the tension builds in this effective thriller.

Author Kimberly Belle has created a real nail-biter. What a ride!

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Mystery / Thriller.

Publication Dates:

- Kindle/Audio versions: December 28, 2021

- Print version: March 8, 2022

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