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Her Last Flight - a captivating story of adventure, courage and love.

Her Last Flight is Beatriz Williams at her best. It's her signature Historical Fiction genre that she has perfected but its different than most of her other books which are focused on family relationships. This book, set in two time periods, is loosely based on the life and disappearance of Amelia Earhart. Williams clearly did a large and thorough amount of research on flight during this period. Fascinating.

In 1947, Janey Everett, a photographer, is seeking to uncover the mystery of famed aviator and daredevil Sam Mallory. She has been led to the location of his crashed plane downed in 1937 while he was aiding the loyalists during the Spanish Civil War. She now hopes to find Irene Foster, legendary aviatrix who was believed to have perished during a race around the world a decade before although her remains were never found. Janey believes that Irene is the key to learning the true story of Sam. Her search brings her to Hawaii and the island of Kauai where Irene Lindquist, who runs local flying tours, is revealed to be the long, lost Irene Foster. Janey and Irene develop an interesting rapport and Irene slowly opens up to her.

The exciting story of how Irene and Sam meet and become a renowned flying team (and much more) is told in the form of a draft of a book Janey is starting to write. The growth of Irene and Sam’s relationship and their adventures was beautifully presented. Through the efforts of a cunning business manager, Irene emerges as a star and becomes a media sensation appearing in countless advertisements and appearing in films. She becomes perhaps the most famous woman in the world. Sam’s star fades.

Both timelines are equally captivating. Janey’s story is heartbreaking and her growing relationship with Irene and her family gives the reader hope that the truth being withheld by both women will be uncovered. And once it all comes together, what an incredible and satisfying ending.

This book truly has it all including two strong female characters who succeed in fields previously reserved for men.

Many thanks to Edelweiss, William Morrow / Harper Collins and the always incredible Beatriz Williams for the chance to read this fabulous book in advance of its publication. This book will satisfy not only die-hard Williams fans but will bring her many new fans as well.

5 out of 5 stars.

Historical Fiction.

Publication Date: June 30, 2020.

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