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Georgie, All Along - a sweet, touching love story.

Georgie Mulcahy had been the perfect assistant to a screenwriter in California. When her boss decides to leave Hollywood, Georgie heads home to Virginia to sort out her life. Her best friend Bel has a new home, a successful husband and is pregnant and could use some help. While going through a memory box, they find a notebook entitled, "How to Conquer High School," which is filled with a list of things the two friends had planned to do years ago but never did. Georgie decides that by accomplishing everything on their list, she will have a new sense of purpose which will help to get her life headed in the right direction. While settling in at her parents' house, she is surprised to learn that they mistakenly told someone else that he could stay there while his house was being repaired. That someone turns out to be Levi Fanning, the older brother of Evan, Georgie's high school crush. Levi, long estranged from his family, is a loner who lives a quiet life after getting the reputation during his troubled years growing up as being the black sheep of the wealthy Fanning family. The two decide they'll become housemates and Levi offers to help Georgie on her bucket list. No real surprise that a romance is in their future, but this book is also about self-discovery and so much more.

I enjoyed Kate Clayborn's books Love Lettering and Love at First, so I was excited to read Georgie, All Along. This was such a sweet and touching story. Georgie, while raised by two free-spirited parents, was given lots of love but never provided with any real guidance and was often viewed as being flighty and without direction. Levi had to make his own way without the love and support of his influential parents and became an outcast. The characterization of these two misunderstood, vulnerable people was so well done including the chemistry between them from the beginning and how they supported one another. You will fall in love with Georgie and Levi.

Many thanks to Kensington Books for the opportunity to read this romantic, swoony and heartfelt book in advance of its publication.

Rated 4.25 out of 5 stars.


Publication Date: January 24, 2023.

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