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For Your Own Good – a dark and twisty thriller set in a prestigious prep school.

There’s lots of pressure to succeed at Belmont Academy, a prep school in the Northeast. Its students are expected to go to the best colleges. Parents believe the money they are paying gives them the right to push everyone around. Meet English literature instructor Teddy Crutcher. He’s the current and very proud Teacher of the Year and does not take well to the “stench of entitlement” that permeates the school’s hallowed halls. Zach Ward is a straight A-student. But now that he has Teddy for a teacher, keeping straight A’s won’t be so easy anymore. Teddy believes Zach needs an attitude adjustment. He should be more like Courtney Ross, editor of the school newspaper. Teddy wants his students to be the best they can be. He just has his own methods. It’s for their own good. But things are about to get a bit messy at this seemingly perfect school.

For Your Own Good is outrageously wicked fun. This mystery thriller is darkly comedic and enjoyably twisty. Samantha Downing has created an inventive story with so many great characters you will enjoy disliking. And a certain beverage hasn’t been this creepy since A Clockwork Orange.

Go to the head of the class and check out this very entertaining book, soon to be a series on HBO Max.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Mystery / Thriller.

Publication Date: July 20, 2021.

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