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Carrie Soto Is Back - a tennis legend comes out of retirement to protect her legacy.

If you’ve read author Taylor Jenkins Reid’s last book Malibu Rising, you’ve already met Carrie Soto, the best female tennis player in the world. In Carrie Soto is Back, the star athlete has returned, and we get to learn all about her, including how she became such a successful player. When the book begins, it is 1994 and it has been a few years since Carrie has retired from tennis. She still holds the record for Grand Slam singles titles but perhaps not for long. Nicki Chan is now the top player and is threatening Carrie’s place in tennis history. At 37-years-old, Carrie comes out of retirement to protect her legacy. But has too much time passed? After extensive training, she decides to play the four 1995 Grand Slam events. With her father/coach by her side and Bowe Huntley, a 39-year-old player on the tour serving as her hitting partner, she sets out to do the unthinkable – win.

Carrie Soto Is Back was an engaging and satisfying read. While Carrie was not the nicest person, especially to her fellow players, it was impossible not to be interested in and even root for someone so talented, determined, and ambitious. Set within the world of professional tennis, Taylor Jenkins Reid has done a fine job creating lots of tension and excitement during each of Carrie’s matches. As someone who loves tennis, this book was well suited for me. If you have no interest in the sport, you can still appreciate the story but it’s a real advantage if you understand the game. This favorite author has served up another winner.

Many thanks to Ballantine Books / Random House for the opportunity to read an advance copy. How smart to release the book during the first week of the US Open.

Rated 4.25 out of 5 stars.

General Fiction.

Publication Date: August 30, 2022.

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Lauren Rothstein
Lauren Rothstein
Aug 31, 2022

This books sounds right up my league! Nice review.

Sep 11, 2022
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