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All That Glitters - pure escapism Danielle Steel fans will enjoy.

Nicole “Coco” Martin was blessed with wonderful parents. Her father’s success provided her with a charmed life. But more importantly, she grew up seeing a happy couple very much in love. Sam, Coco’s best friend since childhood, has always been there for her and when tragedy strikes and she loses her parents, he’s the one she turns to.

Coco finds herself seeking the type of love her parents had yet is swept up by the attention of men who offer extravagance and glamour. Sam, on the other hand, is bound by his parents’ desire for him to follow the family tradition and marry a woman within their Orthodox Jewish faith and have lots of children. Their lives go in very different directions yet they remain committed to being there for one another. This unbreakable friendship is the core of All That Glitters.

This is a Danielle Steel novel so there are no great surprises or plot twists. Coco is the heroine and will experience pain on the road to happiness. That’s not a spoiler because after 160+ novels, there’s only one way Steel’s books end. And what a comfort to have her books to curl up to when you need an escape. Great literature? No. A quick, easy, enjoyable read? Yes. No one describes the life of the uber-rich better than Danielle Steel. The clothes, the yachts, the artwork. Ahh. Take me away.

Rated 3.75 out of 5 stars.

Contemporary Fiction / Romance.

Publication Date: November 17, 2020.

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