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When I Was You: a mind-blowing thriller.

Kelly Medina is an empty-nester. Her marriage is strained and her professor husband who works far from home often stays away some nights choosing to remain closer to his college. Kelly finds out that a young, single mother with her exact first and last name has just moved into town with her young son. Kelly finds a way to meet the young woman. Being lonely and missing caring for her own son, now in college, Kelly befriends the young mother. As Kelly has had psychological problems and has had delusions, her husband and best friend don’t believe this young woman truly exists. Kelly is consumed by the young mother and son giving them old baby clothes and buying them new supplies. This is giving her a new sense of purpose. Soon she believes she can do a better job as mother of the baby and her good intentions are turning into obsession. But who really is this woman with the same name? Is there a connection between the two women? Is the “other” Kelly Medina even real?

When the story takes a dark turn, author Amber Garza provides more and more information on the women. Each time the author reveals something new, you’re going to be caught off guard. You might figure out a twist or two but you won’t figure it all out. This tense and fun book is a very quick read that does what a good psychological thriller is supposed to do.

Hang on to your hat.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Mystery / Thrillers.

Publication Date: August 25, 2020.

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