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Funny Story - two jilted people develop an unlikely friendship while trying to heal their hearts.

Librarian Daphne moved to a small Lake Michigan town to be with Peter, her seemingly perfect fiancé. Right before their big day, Peter cancels the wedding when he and his beautiful best friend Petra realize they are in love and can't live without one another. They leave town for a week so that Daphne can pack up and leave Peter's house. Petra's heartbroken boyfriend Miles, continually playing sad love songs, invites Daphne to move into his spare bedroom. Miles is the total opposite of Peter as well as Daphne. But Daphne soon learns that Miles is a good guy as the two jilted exes get to know one another. Daphne has a major children's event planned at her library and after it is done, she plans to leave town and is counting down the time to leave her heartbreak behind. Unless there becomes a new reason for her to stay.

Funny Story, the new Emily Henry contemporary romance, reaffirms her place as one of the best authors in the genre. The fake-dating, opposites attract, friends-to-lovers tropes have been done so many times before, but Henry makes it all fresh and thoroughly enjoyable. The story deals with family relationships and how they impact future relationships. You'll care about the main characters as well as the secondary ones, the sweet people of the town who all seem to adore Miles. You will too. Make this charming book your first beach read of the year.

Many thanks to Berkley Books for the advance copy.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Contemporary Romance.

Publication Date: April 23, 2024.

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