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The Wife Who Knew Too Much - lies, betrayal and murder await.

Tabitha is struggling to make ends meet as a waitress in a small New Hampshire town and in walks Connor, her teenage love. He was the rich, handsome boy at the country club she worked at. Their young love was doomed. But the old sparks are still there and they plan on starting a new life together. Trouble is, Connor is married to Nina, an older, wealthy woman who he can’t simply leave for another woman as their prenup will leave him with nothing.

Connor returns to his life of luxury in the Hamptons to figure out an escape plan but Nina knows that Connor has been a bad boy. Soon after, Nina is found dead. Originally ruled a suicide, it is clear that she was murdered. And guess who is the prime suspect? Tabitha.

The Wife Who Knew Too Much is a fast-paced thriller that has some good twists that will keep you interested. Pretty much everyone is worthy of suspicion, except for the totally in way over her head Tabitha, who seems a bit too naïve at times. I enjoyed it.

Many thanks for NetGalley, St. Martin’s Press and author Michele Campbell for the advance copy.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Mystery / Thriller.

Publication Date: July 28, 2020.

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