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The Newcomer - an entertaining beach read with mystery and a little romance.

Letty, who is living in New York City, finds her sister Tanya murdered. Tanya had told her that if anything ever happened to her, she was to take her four-year-old daughter Maya and run. And so they flee. Some clues left by her sister lead Letty to Treasure Island, Florida and an old-style, rundown beachside motel called the Murmuring Surf. It is in-season and the motel is filled with a group of retirees who have been coming there year after year. Ava, the kind owner of the motel, finds a room for Letty and Maya and hires Letty to help in the office. Back in New York, Evan, Tanya’s former boyfriend and father of Maya, is searching for Letty and his daughter. Tanya had told Letty that if anything bad ever happened to her, it would be Evan, a sleazy real estate owner. Letty becomes a prime suspect in the murder and is now an accused kidnapper. The hunt is on. Can Letty remain hidden? Ava’s son Joe is a local police officer. Will he figure it out?

While The Newcomer is a murder mystery with some romance, it’s a light beach read as you might have already detected by the cover. The cast of characters are endearing. And there is no mistaking who the bad guys are. The circumstances are a bit far-fetched and the story is fairly predictable. And it’s a bit too long. But I liked it. It gave me the change of pace I needed from heavier books.

Author Mary Kay Andrews gives her readers what they expect. If you’re in the mood for this type of book, grab your beach towel, relax and enjoy. You may even want to go out and play some bingo afterwards.

Many thanks to St. Martin’s Press, NetGalley and the author for the opportunity to read The Newcomer in advance of its publication.

Rated 3.75 out of 5 stars.

Contemporary Women’s Fiction.

Publication Date: May 4, 2021.

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