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The Last Tiara - from the final days of the Romanovs to 1940s NYC.

In 1948, Isobelle Moon has returned to New York City after the loss of her mother Sophia, formerly Sofiya, a woman who kept her former life in Russia a secret. Isobelle is a talented architect trying to work her way up the ladder in a male-dominated profession. In 1915, Sofiya Petrovich and her best friend, Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaeyna help wounded soldiers in a hospital set up in the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. Sofiya finds herself drawn to a young, wounded soldier who has no memory. She decides to call him Carpathian and they soon fall deeply in love.

This lovely book alternates between Isobelle and Sofiya’s stories. As Isobelle starts to renovate her mother’s home, she find a silver tiara and receipts for the sale of its gems, which helped her mother and Isobelle start their life in America. Hoping this discovery will help her learn more about her mother and the father she never met, Isobelle searches for answers. As the chapters alternate in time periods, we learn that the tiara was a gift to Sofiya from the Grand Duchess as the Romanovs prepared to go into hiding to escape the Bolsheviks.

I enjoyed author M.J. Rose’s last book Cartier’s Hope and I was very excited to read The Last Tiara. It was a very satisfying read and swept me away into the lives of these characters. Both the period of the Russian Revolution as well as life in New York City, when women started to seek some level of equality, held my interest as did the mystery of the tiara. Author Rose has done a great amount of research to bring this story to life and anyone who loves Historical Fiction, as well as fine jewelry and art, should check this book out.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Blue Box Press and Ms. Rose for the opportunity to read The Last Tiara in advance of its publication.

Rated 4.25 out of 5 stars.

Historical Fiction.

Publication Date – February 2, 2021.

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