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The Girl in the Mirror - a wild, crazy thriller about twin sisters.

Iris and Summer are mirror twins. When they look in a mirror, they see how the other twin looks. All her life Iris has felt inferior to Summer. Now that they are twenty-three years old, Iris is lost in life while Summer has it all. When their father died, he set up a strange and cruel stipulation in his will which gives his entire fortune to the first of his children to have a child. They have other siblings who could vie for the inheritance but the twin sisters are the most likely ones to have a child first based on their age.

Iris rushes into a marriage hoping to quickly get pregnant. The marriage doesn’t last. Summer has married for love and appears less interested in being the one to get the fortune. Iris fears her chance to inherit the money is fading fast. When she is called upon to help her sister sail the family yacht from Thailand to the Seychelles, the plot starts to heat up after the book's slow start.

This is one crazy thriller. The plot and the rivalry between the two sisters is over-the-top. It is an appealing soap-opera of a book because it is so far-fetched. I saw some of the twists coming but not all of them. If you see this simply as a fun, wild ride, give it a try. I read it in one day as I had to find out what happened. The Girl in the Mirror is author Rose Carlyle’s debut and it’s a clever and tense first effort. Will look for her next book.

Rated 3.75 out of 5 stars.

Psychological Thriller.

Publication date: October 20, 2020.

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