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Someone Else's Shoes - a highly entertaining book about friendship and second chances.

Sam Kemp is trying hard to juggle her life. She has a teenage daughter at home as well as an out-of-work husband who is drifting away from her as he sinks into a deep depression. She does a very good job working for a printing company but her new boss finds nothing but faults in her performance. While at a London gym, Sam mistakenly leaves with someone else's look-a-like Marc Jacobs bag. While her bag is a knock-off filled with sensible shoes, the bag she took is the authentic version and is filled not only with a Chanel jacket but an incredible pair of one-of-a-kind Christian Louboutin high-heels. Sam starts wearing the shoes and a new side of her comes out -- one of power and confidence. The true owner of the bag is Nisha Cantor, who is horrified that her shoes are gone and is aghast that she has to wear the worn, flat shoes in the bag she now possesses. But this is just the beginning of Nisha's woes. When Nisha, who is an American, returns to her hotel, she discovers that her wealthy husband Carl has shut her out of their room leaving Nisha with no money, clothes and dignity. His young assistant has taken her place. In order to survive, Nisha becomes a maid in the hotel and is determined to get her life back and find the woman who took her shoes.

In Someone Else's Shoes author Jojo Moyes has written an entertaining tale of two 40-something women who, while having very different lives and economic status, shared the reality that they had entered a stage in life where they risked becoming invisible. It's a clever story that has both humor and heart. While I found this fast-paced book to be lots of fun, it also addressed some serious issues such as mental health and discrimination. Moyes created a wonderful cast of supporting characters which added to the appeal - including women who provided friendship and sisterhood to the main characters. Since Moyes' Me Before You was one of the most sob-inducing books I've ever read, it was nice to not need a box of tissues this time.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Contemporary Fiction.

Publication Date: February 7, 2023.

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