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Royal - a sweet story of a lost princess.

When avid readers discuss Danielle Steel, there are two distinct camps. If you are in the "there's no way I'd read a Danielle Steel novel" group, there's no need to read further. But if you're like me, and pick and choose which of her many books you'd like to read, I think you'll enjoy Royal.

The book takes place in England. It starts during the summer of 1943. It’s wartime and bombs are falling throughout London. Families are sending their children to the country for safety. The British royal family is no different. They send the youngest of their three daughters, Princess Charlotte, away for protection. What occurs during her time in hiding is best not to reveal. Years after the war, Annie, a child of royal birth, is raised in secret with no knowledge of her true family.

This fairy tale-like book is classic Danielle Steel. It is filled with struggles, tragedy, triumph and love. And horses. Like the real British monarchy, the royals love their horses.

Royal is written in a light, easy style and you’ll anticipate every turn along the way but it’s a sweet book and sometimes a nice book like this is what we need every now and then.

Rated 3.75 out of 5 stars.

Historical Fiction / Romance.

Publication Date: August 18, 2020.

Does this book sound like something you'd like to read? If you'd like to make a comment, please scroll down to the end of the page. If you decide to read Royal, please revisit and post what you thought of it.


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