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Rock Paper Scissors - a couple's relationship unravels in this suspenseful, twisty book.

Adam and Amelia Wright are a couple whose marriage is coming apart. Having won a free vacation at work, Amelia thinks this is just what the couple needs to reconnect. Amelia works in a dog shelter and Adam is a screenwriter. His dream has been to develop his own work but instead he has had good success adapting other people’s novels for the screen. And while it hasn’t gotten in the way of his growing success, he has prosopagnosia, a neurological condition characterized by the inability to recognize the faces of familiar people. Including his own face.

This suspenseful book shifts back and forth from the Wright’s very strange getaway in the Scottish Highlands at a former chapel to letters written to Adam on each of their wedding anniversaries where his wife reveals more than she ever has to him in person. But she never sends Adam the letters yet saves each of them.

From the moment Adam and Amelia arrive at the converted chapel, they realize this is no normal vacation. In addition to severe weather conditions, strange things start to occur. An odd neighbor with a key to the place starts creating confusion and fear. Doors keep locking and unlocking and it gets worse. It is unclear what is going on. Clearly someone has lured them to this place. But why? And as we read the unsent annual anniversary letters, we get more insight into the marriage as well as Adam’s relationship with successful writer Henry Winter, whose crime thriller novels he has adapted for the screen. As Adam gets more successful, his wife feels less a part of his life. As the marriage continues to deteriorate, they play the game Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide if the relationship is worth saving.

If you are already a fan of author Alice Feeney, you know to expect some creative twists and turns. And she does not disappoint in Rock Paper Scissors. You’ll get confused, you might get a little scared and I hope you’ll enjoy the ride. I did.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Psychological Thriller.

Publication Date: September 7, 2021.

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Linda Moore
Linda Moore
Sep 15, 2021

I have this book. It was a gift from a friend. I had requested it from NetGalley but never heard a word back. I do love this author's work very much and look forward to reading this. It sounds very intriguing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Great review!!

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