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Razorblade Tears - two fathers tragically discover that love is love and seek redemption.

Isiah Randolph and Derek Jenkins are married with a young daughter. They have found love and success in their respective careers as a reporter and a chef. What they never found was acceptance from their families who disapproved of them being gay. When both sons are tragically murdered, their ex-con fathers decide they have to avenge their deaths. This is more than vengeance. This is their way of seeking some type of absolution as it took their deaths to realize they were wrong in rejecting their sons, who they never stopped loving. Isiah’s father Ike vowed to never return to a life of crime, having built a successful business. As a Black man living in the rural South, facing ongoing racism, he lives with his loving wife and keeps his anger in check. Derek’s father Buddy Lee lives in a trailer, drinks too much and is a bit of a redneck, which he acknowledges. But Buddy Lee knows he needs to partner with Ike to settle the score.

What first appears to be a hate crime by a Neo-Nazi biker gang, is revealed to be something more complicated. The two fathers have nothing to lose as they seek the truth and payback. Violence is second nature to them and they know what they have to do. Razorblade Tears is a tough book to read. It is very violent and the gut-wrenching loss of these two fathers is simply heartbreaking. Author S.A. Cosby brings so much raw emotion to the surface in this remarkable book. It doesn’t glorify the violence but perfectly conveys the rage that creates it. It tackles race and LGBTQ issues in a thoughtful manner.

A must read.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Mystery / Thriller.

Publication Date: July 6, 2021.

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