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Marriage on Madison Avenue - when you're looking for a light, easy, breezy romance.

With such a cute cover, I felt drawn to this light romance book. I was not expecting anything more than a sweet tale which Marriage on Madison Avenue is. Audrey Tate is a 29 year old socialite who is an Instagram influencer. While successful in her job, she has no luck in the romance department. Her two closest girlfriends (whom she met when they were all in love with the same man) are now in happy relationships. Her best friend Clarke West enjoys the freedom of playing the field and is deemed not the marrying kind. But in an attempt to stop his mother’s meddling, he pretends to be engaged to Audrey. Audrey agrees to the deception to help address nasty media gossip from an online troll posting about her failure in relationships.

Marriage on Madison Avenue is the final book (#3) in the Central Park Pack series. I hadn’t read the first two, which wasn’t a problem. Like a Hallmark movie (which you either hate or find enjoyable and/or a guilty pleasure,) there are no surprises here. Sometimes, a light, fluffy romance novel is a nice alternative every once in a while. Although I am now craving a dark, twisty thriller.

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Published January 29, 2020.

Rated 3.75 out of 5 stars.

Contemporary Romance.


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