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Invisible Girl - a strong domestic thriller with people who are hiding deep pain and secrets.

Lisa Jewell takes us behind the doors of suburban London homes where people are not always who they appear to be. The characters in this gripping book are masking pain, trauma and secrets.

Saffyre Maddox has lost her parents and lives with her uncle and grandfather. She has suffered an undisclosed trauma when she was ten years old and has never discussed the incident even after years of therapy with Roan Fours, a respected child psychologist. Cate Fours is Roan’s wife and mother of two. Cate knows her husband cannot be trusted but is trying to preserve their family. Across from their home lives Owen Pick, a man they all call “creepy”. Owen is thirty-three years old and lives with his aunt. He is either truly the creepiest guy around or the most misunderstood man is the neighborhood.

When a series of assaults hit the area, everyone is on edge. When Saffyre goes missing, everyone rushes to judgement.

Invisible Girl takes its time to percolate so give it time for all the characters to be revealed. There are many secondary characters to keep track of. This thought-provoking book shows how everyone has hidden demons and secrets. It will keep you guessing.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Domestic Thriller.

Publication Date: October 13, 2020.

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