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Home Before Dark - pure fun, spooky escapism.

When I heard that Riley Sager had a new book coming out, it immediately became a top must-read. His books are so original and he weaves such wonderfully creepy stories, how could I resist? But the danger of being so excited about a book is the fear of it not living up to expectations. Well fear not Sager fans, Home Before Dark, is another winner.

The narrator, Maggie Holt, has inherited Baneberry Hall, an old, large Gothic-style house in Vermont. Her recently deceased father Ewan left the house to her but on his deathbed, begged her never to return to it.“It’s not safe there. Not for you.” Ewan’s non-fiction book House of Horrors – A True Story had been a best seller. The story took place when Maggie was five. The family was all set to live in their new home but when strange and life-threatening paranormal events took place, they fled after only two weeks never to return. Maggie has no memory of her time living at Baneberry Hall. In the story her father told, she was the one seeing ghosts yet as an adult, she believes the book was a big lie and decides to visit the house and prepare it to be sold. She needs to confront her past and find out what really happened despite her father’s warnings.

This riveting book is told in the present by Maggie and in the past through the pages of her father’s book. While living in the house, Maggie’s belief that the book was a total hoax starts to be in question when there are simply too many strange and unexplained occurrences taking place. There appears to be proof that her father’s book was not a pure fabrication. In both timelines, we learn about the history of the house and the many tragedies that took place over the years. Have the ghosts from the past come back again?

Sit back and enjoy the ride. Don’t be surprised if you stay up all night waiting to learn the truth.

Many thanks to Edelweiss, Dutton Books and the chillingly talented Riley Sager for an advance copy.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Thriller / Mystery.

Publication Date: June 30, 2020.

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