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Her Perfect Life - a journalist's long-hidden secrets risk being revealed.

Lily Atwood has a charmed life. She’s an award-winning television journalist and has a smart, loving seven-year-old daughter, Rowen. Greer Whitfield is her producer and her right-hand and as close to a friend as Lily has. But no one knows the secrets Lily is hiding. A mysterious Mr. Smith has been calling Lily with some reliable tips that have led to some good stories. But now Mr. Smith is crossing the line and seems to know Lily’s secrets including information about Cassie, Lily’s sister who disappeared years ago and may have been involved in something very bad. This stranger’s intrusion on her life threatens to dispel the illusion created by Lily (and Greer) that she is #LilyPerfect. While she wants to protect her image and the safety of her child, she is also desperate to learn what happened to her sister.

Author Hank Phillippi Ryan has created a story that quickly captured my interest. This mystery / thriller is told from the perspectives of Lily and Greer as well as Cassie, 25 years ago, up to the time when she said goodbye to her young sister Lily, never to be heard from again. The story of Rowen’s father, who is out of the picture, also adds another twist to this already intriguing story.

Her Perfect Life will keep you guessing and provides a good, tense read throughout. I enjoyed and recommend it. However, the female lead characters made some ill-advised decisions that were surprising and frustrating based on their smart and savvy backgrounds. But overall, this is a good, fast-paced book from an author you can always trust to deliver.

Rated 3.75 out of 5 stars.

Mystery / Thriller.

Publication Date: September 14, 2021.

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