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Falling Onto Cotton - a lost soul, a crime boss and a young man finding himself.

Chance McQueen is a successful restaurateur who abuses alcohol and enters into dangerous romantic relationships to make him forget what might have been. He had a loving fiancée and a promising musical career. He lost them both. While he’s a broken man, he generously helps others. He supports a women-in-crisis center, helps feed a homeless veteran and has befriended and mentors Winnie, a nineteen year old who has lost his father.

Chance’s uncle is the head of the Milwaukee mob and wants his nephew to take over the family business as his health is failing. While Chance has no interest in a life of crime, if he refuses, the current man next in line to take over, who hates Chance, will surely kill him.

Falling Onto Cotton is Matthew E. Wheeler’s impressive debut. The characters were well-developed. The fast-paced story, which takes place primarily in 1990, was an enjoyable read. This is a dramatic story but the author has a good sense of humor, which is evident throughout. And a good taste in music. The music of the times is effectively used to head each chapter providing a creative means of placing the reader in the era. You have to a smile when you see chapters titled by songs from The Rolling Stones (You Can’t Always Get What You Want), Nirvana (About A Girl), Coolio (Gangsta’s Paradise), Prince (When Doves Cry), Sade (Smooth Operator) and more.

Many thanks to the author and NetGalley for an advance copy of Falling Onto Cotton. It’s worth a look.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Crime Fiction / Mystery.

Publication Date: September 8, 2020.

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