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Everything We Didn't Say - secrets and lies surround an unsolved murder in a small town.

Juniper Baker, age 33, is visiting her hometown of Jericho, Iowa. In addition to coming to help out a friend who is ill, she needs to confront her past, which includes a horrendous double murder which happened fourteen years ago. The victims were Cal and Beth Murphy, neighbors and friends of her family. Juniper’s brother Jonathan, while never formally charged with the crime, has remained the prime suspect. When she learns that a true crime podcast is in the works and the person creating the series is set on proving that Jonathan is the killer, Juniper hopes she can figure out who murdered the Murphy’s and she needs to rebuild her once close relationship with her brother to do it. Juniper also has to face her teenage daughter who is being raised by her parents as well as others she had cared about before leaving town years ago.

Everything We Didn't Say is an engaging, slow burn mystery thriller told in two alternating timelines. The story set in the past reveals the events leading up to the Murphy’s murder and in the present, the murder continues to impact the residents of Jericho as Juniper and her brother Jonathan face new threats and danger. Author Nicole Baart has done was a fine job creating the perfect atmosphere for this story. It’s a well-constructed family drama and a smart whodunit. While the pace may not be fast enough for some, I was happy to be transported to this small farm town and its secrets. This suspenseful book kept me guessing throughout.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Mystery / Thriller.

Publication Date: November 2, 2021.

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Dec 14, 2021

Thanks Linda! Happy to know that you enjoyed this one too.


Linda Moore
Linda Moore
Dec 13, 2021

I really enjoyed this book.

Nice review.

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