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Every Summer After - a woman looks back at her teen romance over the course of six summers.

When Persephone “Percy” Fraser was 13 years old, her parents purchased a cottage several hours away from their home in Toronto in Barry’s Bay, Ontario. Their next door neighbors were Sue Florek, a young widow, and her sons Charlie and Sam, the younger of the two and the same age as Percy. Over the next six summers, Percy and Sam’s close friendship would turn into love. Their matching friendship bracelets were a symbol of their bond. But something happened during their last summer together that ripped their relationship apart. As the story shifts to the present day, Percy is 30 years old and is drifting through meaningless relationships. When Sue Florek passes away, Percy returns to Barry’s Bay to attend the funeral. While she hasn’t spoke to Sam in twelve years, Percy is finally ready to deal with the reason they parted ways.

This lovely, nostalgic book alternates between the present and each of the six summers Percy and Sam spent together. While reading this heartfelt story, it is hard to believe that Every Summer After is author Carley Fortune’s debut novel. She has created a memorable cast of characters who come to life in a serene setting vividly presented. This book about young love, guilt, regret and the possibility of second chances will tug at your heart. It is such a wonderful book that I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying it.

Many thanks to Berkley Publishing Group and the Berkley Buddy Reads program for the opportunity to read this beautiful book in advance of its release.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Contemporary Fiction / Romance.

Publication Date: May 10, 2022.

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Linda Moore
Linda Moore
May 09, 2022

Great review. it sounds like a wonderful book. Too bad it’s Berkley. They never approve me unless I email and get a publisher that will. Thanks for sharing.

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