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Beach Read: an enjoyable, slow-burn romance between two writers who had been rivals.

January Andrews and Augustus “Gus” Everett are two authors who had been rivals in college. After a recent break-up, January travels to the beach house off Lake Michigan that she has inherited after the death of her father. She quickly discovers that the person living next door is none other than her nemesis, Gus.

I initially thought Beach Read would be a light, breezy rom-com but it wasn’t. The two writers are trying to cope with life and their inability to write their next novel. As a cure for their writer’s block, they decide to write their next book in each other’s genre. It sounds a bit cuter than it plays out. There’s lots of fun banter between the two but a deeper and darker story exists for both of these lost souls. Each character is dealing with their own angst and while a relationship is inevitable, they have lots to deal with before they can consider being happy within their own skin and ultimately together. So, relax, kick off your shoes and enjoy their heart-warming journey. Many thanks to Edelweiss, Berkley / Penguin Publishing Group and Emily Henry for an advance copy of this lovely romance.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Contemporary Fiction / Romance.

Publication date: May 19, 2020.


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