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All Adults Here - big family issues in a small town.

All Adults Here is a multi-generational story about the Strick family. Astrid, The matriarch of the family, is a 68 year-old widow living in New York’s Hudson Valley. Her three children are all grown yet their development into full adulthood has been stifled by their belief that Astrid has been a demanding and hard to please mother. Elliot, the eldest child who lives near Astrid, is a successful businessman but is still trying to become his own man. Daughter Porter, who also lives near her mother, has her own business and has decided to become a single parent. Yet she can’t let go of the memories of her high school love. Youngest son Nicky lives in Brooklyn and after an early success as an actor, is floundering.

Nicky’s middle school daughter Cecelia is sent to live with Astrid as a way to deal with an uncomfortable situation at her school. As Astrid awaits her arrival, a local woman is run over and killed by a school bus. While Astrid did not like the woman, her death sends shock waves through her, resulting in self-reflection on the difficult relationships she has with each of her children. She also decides to be honest about her love interest. The arrival of Cecelia brings a new dynamic to this dysfunctional family and this bright and sensitive girl is perhaps the most grown up of the bunch.

All Adults Here has been described by some as being light and funny. While this was a fast, easy read, and had some humor in it, there is more drama than I expected and the book deals with a wide range of serious topics. I felt for Astrid who desperately loves her children but realizes she’s made her share of mistakes and it pains her that each child is not living their best life. Will honesty and forgiveness finally bring them together? I enjoyed taking the journey.

Rated 3.75 out of 5 stars.

Contemporary Fiction - Family Drama.

Publication Date: May 4, 2020.

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