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Women of Good Fortune - three women plan a wedding heist.

Set in Shanghai, working class Lulu is preparing to marry the very wealthy Harv in an extravagant, high-society wedding where her future mother-in-law is planning every move. Bridesmaid and roommate Rina is an example of a "sheng nu" - a successful, unmarried woman over the age of twenty-seven. A "leftover woman". Rina has no problem being unmarried, yet her goal is to fund freezing her eggs as she focuses on her career. Lulu's other bridesmaid Jane is married in what was more of a business arrangement. Insecure about her looks and believing no one would have married her otherwise, Jane wishes she had the means to divorce her husband and get plastic surgery. And while it appears Lulu, who is 27, now has everything she'd ever want, she is not in love with Harv and wants other things in life including adventure. The three friends put their heads together and decide to undertake a major heist to steal Lulu's red wedding envelopes, which would give them enough money to enable each of them to fulfill their goals. But what happens when each woman starts to rethink what they truly want in life?

Women of Good Fortune by Sophie Wan was a fun book that ended up being more than a story about a caper. As we got to know each of the women, it was good to see them evolve and discover what having good fortune truly means. It never gets too heavy. You'll enjoy the creativity of the heist. Couldn't help thinking about the movie Ocean's Eleven.

Rated 3.75 out of 5 stars.

Contemporary Fiction.

Publication Date: Mar 5, 2024.

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