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When You Are Mine - a gripping, heart-racing thriller.

Philomena “Phil” McCarthy is a young, noble-minded police constable for the London Metropolitan Police. Her devotion to serving the public might be attributed to her being injured as a child in a terrorist bombing while on a bus combined with her father being a notorious gangster who she has cut out of her life. While responding to a domestic assault call, she meets Tempe Brown who is in an abusive relationship with a married man. That man happens to be Darren Goodall, a highly regarded, decorated Detective Sergeant. Phil tries to help Tempe as best as she can. When it appears that Goodall’s abusive behavior may also be occurring with his wife, Phil cannot stand by even though her superiors have told her to back off. Life starts to spin out of control as Goodall threatens Phil's career and Tempe turns out to be more than a woman in distress.

When You Are Mine deals with the serious issues of domestic abuse, toxic relationships, corruption and more. If you’re looking for a gripping, heart-racing thriller, this book fits the bill. Author Michael Robotham has created an inventive and suspenseful story filled with complex characters. It is my first book by this author. Clearly his background as an investigative journalist has served him well in his career as a fiction writer.

Rated 4.25 out of 5 stars.

Mystery / Thriller.

U.S. Publication Date: January 4, 2022.

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Already read it - another fantastic book by one of my favorite authors!

Jan 16, 2022
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Happy to hear.

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