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What Remains - an engaging psychological thriller.

Detective Elise Sutton spends her days working on cold cases. She has a keen ability to understand the minds of criminals and how to crack old crimes. But when shopping for her family at a department store, she is faced with a shooter and has to make a split-second decision to shoot the man. Wade Austin, the man she saves, mysteriously leaves the scene. Although hailed as a hero, Elise is haunted by taking another life. When Elise finally meets Wade, she is soon caught up in an intense cat and mouse game as the man she thought would be grateful, starts to stalk and threaten her. She is determined to figure it all out while trying to also protect her family.

In What Remains, author Wendy Walker has created a captivating story that was hard to put down. Elise decides to take time off to unravel what is going on, acting as a lone wolf. Her actions and decisions are often foolish and very dangerous, but this keeps the tension high. There is a secondary story also taking place which, at first, seems unrelated but Walker does a good job bringing everything together. A gripping, solid thriller.

Many thanks to Blackstone Publishing for the advance copy.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Mystery | Psychological Thriller.

Publication Date: June 13, 2023.

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