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Twenty Years Later – a TV anchor tries to solve an old murder while her own secrets may be exposed.

In New York’s Catskill Mountains, popular author Cameron Young is found dead. All the evidence points to the woman he had been having an affair with – Victoria Ford. When Victoria goes to have the first meeting with her defense attorney in the World Trade Center. It is September 11, 2001 and tragedy strikes. Once it is discovered that Victoria perished in the North Tower, the case is put on a shelf. Twenty years later, Avery Mason, an up-and-coming television news anchor is seeking her next big story as she negotiates her contract for the popular primetime show American Events.

When a bone fragment of Victoria's is found in parts of the wreckage being evaluated for DNA traces, Avery sees an opportunity for a news feature about the new developments in research to identify remains of the 9/11 victims and the importance of closure for the families as the 20th anniversary approaches. While doing her research, Avery learns about the murder Victoria was accused of committing and it takes the story in a new direction. Avery meets with Victoria’s sister Emma who shares tapes of Victoria’s frantic calls from the World Trade Center declaring her innocence and her plea for her sister to clear her name. Avery’s realizes that her story is going to be even bigger than she had imagined. Walt Jenkins, who was the lead investigator of the murder case, comes out of retirement to help Avery but his true motives are not revealed to her, as he knows that Avery is hiding her own secrets.

Twenty Years Later is a highly entertaining mystery thriller filled with a cast of characters who are all keeping things hidden. It’s fast paced and very clever. Having two mysteries in one made for one very compelling read. Some things to note: no one can forget the horrors of 9/11 and reading about it may not be something you'd care to do. And the crime scene of the murder of Cameron Young was a bit a gruesome with lots of details provided. If you’re still interested, I’d recommend checking out Charlie Donlea’s latest. It will keep you guessing throughout.

Rated 4.25 out of 5 stars.

Mystery / Thriller.

Publication Date: December 28, 2021.

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