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Traitors Gate - enjoy book #6 in Jeffrey Archer's action-packed William Warwick series.

I became a Jeffrey Archer fan after reading his seven-book series The Clifton Chronicles where the character of William Warwick was introduced. In this current series, Warwick is a star within the London Metropolitan Police Force. Traitors Gate is the sixth book featuring Warwick, his family, his cohorts and his enemies.

The series picks up in 1996. Warwick is Superintendent and second in command of the elite Royal Protection squad at Scotland Yard. William's wife Beth is working in the world of fine art and has to deal with a case of forgery. Warwick has to contend with his nemesis, Miles Faulkner, a millionaire art collector and thief. Faulkner is out of jail once again and seeks revenge on Warwick and all those who have wronged him. To ruin Warwick, he sets his sights on stealing Britain's Crown Jewels. Warwick puts together an impressive group of criminals who have the best chance of pulling off the caper since the jewels were stolen by Colonel Thomas Blood in 1671.

Archer has delivered another entertaining book with its thrilling race against time jewel heist. Warwick continues to be an appealing character and I love how smart and successful his wife Beth is. Their children are brilliant and are featured more than ever in this installment. Book #6 can be read as a standalone, but it would make the most sense to start from the beginning. It’s planned to be an eight-book series and I look forward to reading the next two. These books are so fast paced that it would be easy to catch up. Archer is regarded as one of the top storytellers out there. He writes so masterfully. What a pleasure.

Many thanks to Harper 360 | HarperCollins for the opportunity to read Traitors Gate in advance of its publication.

Rated 4.25 out of 5 stars. Mystery / Crime Thriller.

Publication Date: September 26, 2023.

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