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This Time Tomorrow – a tender story about second chances and the love between a father and daughter.

Alice Stern is approaching her 40th birthday. She lives alone in Brooklyn and works in admissions at the private school she attended while living with her father on Manhattan’s Upper West Side on Pomander Walk. Her father Leonard is the author of Time Brothers, a wildly popular book which was turned into a television series. Alice now visits him daily as he lies in a coma in the hospital. She is generally content with life, with the exception of the inevitability of her father’s death. On the eve of her birthday, after a few too many drinks, she visits her father’s home and when she wakes up, she discovers that she has traveled back in time to 1996. It's her 16th birthday. She is overjoyed to see her father, vibrant and full of life. Her 16th birthday party is about to happen again. The party had been the scene of one of her biggest disappointments. Is Alice being given the chance to relive her past to change her future?

Even if you’re not a fan of stories about time travel, This Time Tomorrow, is worth reading. And you’ll need to try and forget about all the films that this moving book is easily compared to – 13 Going On 30, Peggy Sue Got Married, The Family Man, Back to the Future, Groundhog Day and many others. At first, Alice sees her travel back in time as a chance to fix a relationship gone wrong but soon realizes that the true opportunity lies with her getting to spend more time with her father and exploring what it might take to prolong his life in the present. This is a story of love between a father and daughter that had me in tears. It is also a love letter to New York City, especially the Upper West Side. And there’s plenty of humor too. It is now my favorite Emma Straub book. And it would make such a good movie, one that would rival the ones listed above.

Rated 4.25 out of 5 stars.

Fiction, Fantasy.

Publication Date: May 17, 2022.

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