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The Woman on the Ledge - a highly enjoyable and tense thriller.

Set in England, Tate Kinsella is working as a temp for a French bank. At the office Christmas party, she goes up to the outdoor terrace on the 25th floor to have a cigarette. She finds a woman named Helen on the ledge about to jump off. Tate quickly tries to stop the woman from doing something horrible by engaging with her. The woman tells of her unhappiness. Tate shares how her life has not turned out so well either. Tate is a failed actress with wealthy siblings who won't help her stay afloat. It appears that Tate has saved Helen. The next day, which is a Saturday, and the office is closed, a woman lies dead on the ground after being on that same ledge. Tate is arrested for murder. She says she is innocent. Even her lawyer has serious doubts.

Author Ruth Mancini's The Woman on the Ledge is a very creative, highly original, tense psychological thriller which takes the reader on an incredible ride. The story is presented in six parts and in each one, you have no idea if what has been told is the truth. Much of the story is told through attorney/client interchanges, police interviews and flashbacks. Tate is a fabulous unreliable narrator.

I am refraining from telling anything more but want to express how darn entertaining this book was. The twists and surprises are sure to satisfy even the savviest of thriller readers. Don't miss this one.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Psychological Thriller.

Publication Date: January 16, 2024


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