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The Roaring Days of Zora Lily - a dazzling Jazz Age story.

In the present day, an exhibit is being developed for the Smithsonian National Museum of American History featuring movie costumes through the decades. Sylvia, one of the conservators, is preparing a gown worn by Greta Garbo and uncovers a hidden label with the name Zora Lily, a name unknown to her and Hollywood history. She is determined to uncover who Zora is.

The story shifts back to the roaring twenties in Seattle where Zora Lily Hough is a talented seamstress. As the oldest of seven children, she works tirelessly to help support her family while keeping a sketchbook of designs she hopes to one day create. Zora becomes a nanny for a wealthy family to earn enough money to help her large family. But with evenings free, her friend Rose introduces Zora to the city's exciting nightlife filled with jazz clubs and speakeasies. The world opens up for Zora - her passion for fashion and an attraction to Harley, a charming Englishman, bring out her desire for a better life. An opportunity in Hollywood could be the answer to fulfilling her dreams.

The Roaring Days of Zora Lily by Noelle Salazar is a very appealing story. Books set during the Jazz Age are a big draw for me. It was such an interesting era as the roaring twenties was a period of liberation through music, dance and dress, even while Prohibition was taking place. Zora is a wonderful, engaging heroine. Rose, Harley, and the many other people who impact her life are all well-developed characters. You'll get swept away into the period.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Historical Fiction.

Publication Date: October 3, 2023.

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