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The Other Mothers - a dark tale of motherhood, marriage and fitting in.

Tash (Natasha) is the mother of three-year-old Finn. She's married to Tom, a doctor, and is a journalist looking for a new story to get her back in the game. But she is also looking for other moms to bond with and find playdates for her son. What she finds is a mystery. A dead nanny who she believes was murdered even though the death was ruled accidental. She becomes friends with a group of affluent mothers in a playgroup, including the former employer of Sophie, the deceased young woman. As she works to learn more about the mysterious death, she receives messages to stop digging into the case. She gets swept up into these women's upscale lives but starts to wonder if they are truly her friends or if they are simply keeping an eye on her to prevent their secrets from being exposed.

I was very excited to read The Other Mothers after enjoying author Katherine Faulkner's impressive 2021 debut Greenwich Park. Her new book is not only a thriller but delves into the challenges of balancing motherhood, marriage, friendships and a career. The story is told from the perspectives of Tash, in the present, and Sophie, in various time periods before her demise. The book started a bit slow for me and it took a while to sort out all the characters. It all came together nicely with effective twists and turns which kept me guessing. Based on her first two books, Faulkner has found her niche telling dark tales of young motherhood.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Mystery Thriller.

Publication Date: December 5, 2023

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