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The Night She Disappeared – a young mother and her boyfriend vanish without a trace.

Young mother Tallulah dotes on her baby son Noah. Being a teen mom is hard but she’s doing the best she can. She’s in college studying to become a social worker. She’s trying to make her relationship with Zach, Noah’s father, work. He’s moved in with them to Tallulah’s mother Kim’s house. At school, she meets and becomes friends with Scarlett, one of the popular girls. Rich and influential over her friends, Scarlett lives in a large, old home known as Dark Place. Soon, Tallulah and Zach go missing with no trace of what happened to the young couple. Flashbacks of the events leading up to their disappearance provide hints as to what may have occurred the night they disappeared.

Over a year later, Sophie, a writer of cozy mysteries and her partner Shaun move to the area, a picturesque village in England’s Surrey Hills. Shaun is starting his new job as the head teacher of Maypole House, a local private school. Sophie has been suffering from writer's block. One day she finds a sign in her garden reading “Dig Here.” What she discovers turns out to be a valuable clue in the otherwise cold case of the missing couple, Tallulah and Zach. Sophie decides to use her investigative skills to help and contacts Tallulah's distraught mother Kim.

Lisa Jewell’s latest is a slow-burn mystery thriller that sucked me in from the start. The bouncing timelines took a while to keep track of but it all helped to build the plot and its suspense in a well-done creepy, atmospheric setting. Nothing mind-blowing in The Night She Disappeared but it's a good, solid addition from a talented author who is an auto-read for me.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Mystery / Thriller.

Publication Date: September 7, 2021.

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