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The Liz Taylor Ring - a family heirloom's discovery creates family turmoil.

For those of us fortunate to have a piece of jewelry inherited from a family member, we know its importance. It connects us to the past and keeps a part of a loved one alive. The true value is in the memories. For the children of Lizzie Schneider, her eleven-carat diamond ring is a symbol of their parents’ marriage yet when it is discovered after believing it was long lost, it could also be a financial windfall. This disconnected family has to decide what to do about the ring.

In the eyes of siblings Addy, Nathan and Courtney, their parents, Lizzie and Ritchie, had a storybook romance for the ages. But the marriage had its problems, mostly caused by Ritchie’s gambling addiction. To get back in Lizzie’s good graces, he gives her a huge diamond ring, which was reminiscent of the ring Richard Burton gave to Liz Taylor. Lizzie was named after the actress and idolized her, making the ring even more meaningful.

The Liz Taylor Ring takes place in two time periods. In present day, the children find that life becomes even more complicated after the ring is found. Secrets and hidden feelings come to the surface. And starting in the 1970s, the story of how Lizzie and Ritchie met and married is also detailed. After first dating Lizzie’s sister Maggie, Ritchie woos and wins Lizzie’s heart. But real life is not like the movies.

Author Brenda Janowitz has written a very enjoyable book. While not all of the characters are likeable, like diamonds, people have their flaws. This engaging book deals with serious issues such as family turmoil, alcohol and gambling addiction, yet the story never gets too heavy as we are treated to a bevy of movie references that should delight those who are familiar with classic films. How could you not sing the praises of a book that has two of the siblings named after characters in Guys and Dolls (Adelaide and Nathan)? And I may have to re-watch Suddenly, Last Summer, one of my favorite Elizabeth Taylor movies, which also stars the incomparable Montgomery Clift.

Put on your bling and check out this book.

Rated 4.25 out of 5 stars.

Contemporary & Historical Fiction.

Publication Date: February 1, 2022.

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