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The Lion's Den - a huge yacht, the Mediterranean, secrets, betrayal. A perfect binge read.

Belle is off on a one week vacation to the French Riviera on a huge, private yacht with a group of beautiful friends to celebrate 26 year old Summer’s upcoming birthday. The trip is being hosted by Summer’s fabulously wealthy and much older boyfriend John. Belle and Summer have been friends since high school but the friendship has soured. Summer is selfish, a liar and is caught up in the lavish lifestyle of billionaire John. Although the relationship between the two friends is strained, how can Belle say no?

Initially impressed by the yacht, the incredible food and free-flowing champagne, this seems like a dream vacation. But the women are told that they must turn in their passports. Huh? Their phones do not have Wi-Fi access on board. Warning. The women are locked in their rooms at night. Warning. Warning. John controls every aspect of their trip making Belle feel more like a prisoner than a guest. What is going on here?! An entertaining thriller awaits.

This immensely fun book takes you into the world of the ridiculously rich with lots of people behaving very badly. The story is clever with some great twists and turns. A perfect binge-worthy escape.

Many thanks to Grand Central Publishing and Katherine St. John for an advance copy of The Lion’s Den.

Be sure to put this book on your reading radar!

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Fiction / Contemporary Women.

Publication Date: June 30, 2020.

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Great entertaining, summer read!

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