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The Leftover Woman - a story of drama, mystery and suspense.

With China's one-child policy, Jasmine's abusive husband Wen had hoped for a son and heir. When Jasmine gave birth to a daughter, he told her that their daughter had died and arranged for the child to be adopted by his American friend Brandon Whitney and his wife Rebecca. Once Jasmine learns the truth, she sacrifices everything to travel from China to America, working with Chinese gangsters to gain entry. Nothing was going to stop her from reuniting with her daughter.

Author Jean Kwok's The Leftover Woman is an emotional tale of two women. Jasmine yearns for her daughter and lives in fear that she will never be able to pay back the criminals she is indebted to and hopes her husband will not find her. She is a woman who has been so demoralized that she has no idea how beautiful she is. And Rebecca, a woman brought up in wealth, is striving to live up to the success of her late father, a legendary book publisher. While she loves her adopted daughter and husband, she is having a hard time juggling her priorities.

From the world of lucrative publishing deals to a seedy strip club in Chinatown, this book is filled with drama, mystery and suspense. It's an engaging story.

Rated 4.25 out of 5 stars.

Publication Date: October 10, 2023.

General Fiction | Mystery

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