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The Last Tea Bowl Thief - an engaging story that takes place in feudal, wartime and modern Japan.

The Last Tea Bowl Thief starts in feudal Japan where we learn about a tea bowl named Hikitoru. The journey of this ceremonial piece and valuable work of art takes us from 1680 to modern day Tokyo.

In the present, Nori Okuda believes that a rare tea bowl, owned by her ill grandmother, is the key to solving their financial problems. Robin Swann is an American living in Japan. She is an art authentication specialist at an auction house and an expert on ancient pottery including the works of Yoshi Takamatsu. When Nori brings her tea bowl, Hikitouru, to the auction house to explore selling it, Robin immediately recognizes the Takamatsu treasure which has been missing since 1945. It is worth a fortune and when the experts see it, its provenance is called into question by several interested parties.

The book takes us back to when artist Yoshi Takamatsu was creating his work including the coveted Hikitoru. It is a fascinating look back in time. Author Jonelle Patrick has created a vivid step into the past as well as a compelling modern story about two very different women trying to succeed. A worthwhile blend of Historical Fiction and Modern Mystery.

Rated 4.25 out of 5 stars.

A blend of Historical Fiction and Modern Mystery.

Publication Date: October 20, 2020.

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