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The Kingdoms of Savannah - a gripping literary thriller.

Morgana Musgrove is one of Savannah’s most respected, prominent and charitable women but behind the doors of her stately red-brick Romanesque home, she heads a fractured family. Her four grown children that have little time nor patience for their difficult mother. Her two daughters have little respect for her views and traditions and her two sons have no love for one another. After a local man is murdered, Morgana is hired to do investigative work for a local, wealthy developer who has been arrested as the prime suspect. A woman has also gone missing. The case unleashes dark secrets that the elite of Savannah would prefer to remain hidden.

In this highly atmospheric and suspenseful book, a fascinating side of Savannah is revealed. In contrast to the city’s privileged, there is a parallel society of poor, homeless and disenfranchised people trying to survive. Two members of Morgana’s family are part of this world and find themselves involved in the investigation and could also be in danger. Sins of the past come to light and threaten those who run the city. Author George Dawes Green has woven in parts of Savannah’s true and complicated history which makes the story even more impactful.

To borrow a quote from The New York Times' review of The Kingdoms of Savannah, "It's layered but, like a parfait, goes down sweet, chilled and easy. Saturated in regional detail and studded with oddballs, it has the flavor of Southern Gothic without the bitter aftertaste." I couldn't have said it any better.

Many thanks to Celadon Books for the opportunity to discover this impressive work of literary suspense. It was unlike anything I’ve read in a long time.

Rated 4.25 out of 5 stars.

Mystery / Thriller.

Publication Date: July 19, 2022.

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