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The Dark Hours - Renée Ballard and Harry Bosch are back.

It’s New Year’s Eve and LAPD Detective Renée Ballard is working “the late show” shift in Hollywood. After the tradition of people shooting bullets in the air, she is called to a crime scene where a local business owner is found dead in what was made to look like an accident from a falling bullet. Forensics reveals that the bullet was shot from the same gun as a bullet from a decade old cold case of the now retired Detective Harry Bosch. In addition, Ballard is part of an investigation into two rapists dubbed "The Midnight Men" who have struck several times around the area. In working her cases, Ballard finds roadblocks at every turn including budget issues as well as some apathy and struggles within her department, a disapproving supervisor and a possible coverup. Seeking help, she works behind the scenes with Bosch, who has few fans left at the LAPD.

The Dark Hours is the fourth book featuring Ballard, a very appealing character. She has added a great element to the world of Harry Bosch, who continues to be a talented investigator even though he is no longer on the force. They make a terrific team. The cases in this latest installment are as strong as ever. Author Michael Connelly keeps things timely with real-world events and social issues. Ballard has recovered from Covid and vaccinations for the general public are about to be rolled out. Masks are a part of life. It is all handled well.

If you haven’t read any of the more than 30 books in what is known as the "Bosch Universe," it’s time to jump onboard. Starting with the Renée Ballard series would be a good place to begin unless you’re adventurous and want to start from the very beginning. Try watching the Bosch television series on HBO – it is a perfect companion to the books.

Many thanks to Little, Brown and Company | Hachette Book Group and Novel Suspects Insiders for the opportunity to enjoy The Dark Hours in advance of its publication.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Mystery / Crime Thriller.

Publication Date: November 9, 2021.

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Linda Moore
Linda Moore
Nov 06, 2021

Very good review.

The book sounds great.

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