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The Color of Ice - a beautifully written story about self-discovery and second chances.

Cathryn McAllister is a mother of two young adults. She's 48 years old, a widow and is a commercial photographer who has never been able to pursue her desire to create art. An exciting job opportunity provides Cathryn with the chance to travel to Iceland to photograph the work of Henry Malcolm (Mack) Charbonneau, a talented glassblower. Mack plans to capture the essence of the majestic blue icebergs in his work. Cathryn decides to take extra time after her work commitment to see the area attractions. Once in Iceland, the setting and Mack himself awaken a passion that has lay dormant in Cathryn for a long time. While her children keep contacting her from home with their troubles, Cathryn finally focuses on herself. She acknowledges that, "Happiness hadn't been on her list." Cathryn realizes that not only is she falling for Mack but is also loving the woman she is becoming.

The Color of Ice is a beautiful work of lyrical prose. It is a quiet, emotional book that delves into one woman's journey for self-discovery and second chances. Author Barbara Linn Probst's excellent descriptions of the many attractions and settings in "The Land of Fire and Ice" will send you searching for more information on Iceland's rugged landscapes and scenery which serve as the perfect backdrop for the reawakening of a woman whose daughter referred to her as the Snow Queen. Take your time with this moving book and you will be rewarded.

Many thanks to the author and She Writes Press for the opportunity to read The Color of Ice in advance of its publication.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Literary Fiction.

Publication Date: October 18, 2022.

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