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Summers at the Saint - a blend of mystery, suspense and romance make for one enjoyable beach read.

St. Cecilia "the Saint", a five-star hotel off the coast of Georgia, attracts a well-to-do clientele. If you are able to stay at the landmark resort you are a "Saint" and if you are one of the locals who can't afford it, you're an "Ain't". That's what Traci and her former best friend Shannon were when they were growing up. They managed to work there hoping to meet someone wealthy and see how the other half lives. Traci luckily caught the attention of and married Hoke Eddings, the owner's son. After Hoke died tragically, Traci runs the hotel and her brother-in-law Ric, who hates her, runs the real estate side of the business. Traci is working to enhance the hotel's experience and hires a new group of employees. One of them starts to uncover some suspicious activities taking place. And another new employee, Whelan, is secretly investigating the drowning of a young boy which tragically happened many years ago when Traci and Shannon worked as lifeguards. The Eddings family appears to have used their influence to keep the story out of the public eye. But Whelan is determined to learn what happened. Traci has her hands full as she works to preserve her husband's legacy.

Summers at the Saint by Mary Kay Andrews provides an intriguing story in a well-detailed resort setting. There are lots of secrets, a dysfunctional family and a possible murder in this world of the haves and have-nots. Plus, a budding romance and some witty dialogue, including humorous interactions with some very difficult, entitled hotel guests. Andrews is a reliably entertaining author. Her latest doesn't disappoint.

Many thanks to St. Martin’s Press for the opportunity to read this book in advance. 

Rated 4.25 out of 5 stars.

Contemporary Fiction | Mystery | Romance.

Publication Date: May 7, 2024.

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