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Stone Cold Fox - a compelling tale of deception and revenge.

Bea (not her real name) has set her sights on marrying Collin Case, a member of one of New York's wealthiest families. She was raised by her beautiful con artist mother who barreled through marriages and scams in her heartless quest for a life of luxury. Bea was forced into this life but was eventually able to break free of her controlling mother. While playing on her beauty and smarts, she kept up her own style of con games with unsuspecting men but also built a successful career in advertising. She vowed that Collin would be her last con and once they married, she would finally have the security she craved. Plus, Collin is a good guy. She just has to keep her past from him, his blue-blooded parents and especially his best friend Gale Wallace-Leicester, who happens to be in love with Collin, as well as Collin's assistant Sylvia, who seems a little too nice. The story takes place mostly in the present but also travels back in time to reveal periods with Bea and her mother as they bounce from place to place. As Bea's dream gets closer to reality, there are some indications that her perfect plan may not be so perfect after all.

What a debut! Author Rachel Koller Croft has had a successful career as a screenwriter and Stone Cold Fox is her first novel. This is a fast-moving book with entertaining wit. It is at its best when the claws come out and there is some juicy cat-and-mouse action between Bea and Gale, who wishes her new rival would just go away. These are not nice people, and you may find it hard to root for anyone, but it is certainly a fun look at the uber-wealthy and the lengths that people will go to have it all. This book provided some good, needed escapism. Get some popcorn and enjoy. A deal has already been made to adapt the book for television, which should make for great viewing.

Rated 4.25 out of 5 stars.

Thriller / Contemporary Fiction.

Publication Date: February 14, 2023.

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