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Still See You Everywhere - Frankie Elkin is back and seeks to find a missing young woman in this exciting thriller.

Frankie Elkin is not a trained investigator, but it is her mission to find missing people. Without seeking payment or media attention, she helps find the people whose cases are no longer being worked on. She strives to find the forgotten and she's good at it. She has no residence, preferring to travel where the cases are, with no real possessions or ties. And staying sober is a primary goal.

Frankie is brought to see death row inmate Kaylee Pierson. She's called the "Beautiful Butcher" admitting to slaughtering eighteen men who she lured to her home and then fed their remains to her pigs. Before Kaylee is put to death, she asks Frankie to find her younger sister Leilani, who she believes was kidnapped by her former (and violent) boyfriend, Sanders MacManus, who is a billionaire building a resort on a private Hawaiian atoll called Pomaikai. She accepts and goes undercover to the location filled with a small crew working on the development of an eco-lodge. The group is composed of people who also go to different locations for their employment having no home base. But things are not necessarily what they seem as everyone on the atoll is in grave danger as one of the team may be trying to harm the others. The quest to save Leilani continues but based unexpected developments, it's not Frankie's only mission anymore.

Still See You Everywhere is Lisa Gardner's third book featuring Frankie Elkin, a complex and compassionate character I have come to like very much. The remote, exotic location provided the opportunity for some unique dangers, including the atoll's incredibly huge crustaceans, coconut crabs that scared me more than any weapons. The book started very strong and slowed a bit. Happily, the action ramped up nicely in the final chapters. Of the three books, this one required the greatest suspension of disbelief. Which was fine with me. I enjoyed it.

Many thanks to Grand Central Publishing for the opportunity to read this book in advance. While I recommend reading the first two books in the series, this one can be read as a standalone.

Rated 3.75 out of 5 stars.

Mystery Thriller.

Publication Date: March 12, 2024.

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