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Resurrection Walk - the Lincoln Lawyer and Harry Bosch team up to free the falsely imprisoned.

Mickey Haller, known as the Lincoln Lawyer, since he conducts his legal practice from his car, is back. And this time his half-brother Harry Bosch is along for the ride. The story begins as Haller feels the rush of getting a falsely imprisoned man released from jail and into the arms of his family. He yearns for that incredible feeling again and witness another "Resurrection Walk". He has asked Bosch, who has retired as a detective from the LAPD, to sort through letters of imprisoned people begging for Haller's help and determine which ones he feels might be innocent. They agree that Lucinda Sanz's case has merit. She has already served five years for the murder of her ex-husband, an LA Deputy Sheriff. Her shifty attorney convinced her to forgo a trial and accept a manslaughter plea, even though she has never wavered in her innocence. But now her teenage son is being lured into the world of gangs and Lucinda is desperate to get out of jail to be there for her son. Haller succeeds in getting a habeas corpus hearing and together with Bosch's help, presents some creative evidence. But the Assistant Attorney General has a strong case, making this an exciting and tense courtroom fight.

Author Michael Connelly has brought together two of his best characters for one highly entertaining read. Resurrection Walk is fast-paced and very well done. Haller and Bosch are two skilled men who have lived a lot. They're getting older and facing issues that come with age. While Bosch is a great character, Haller is clearly the star of the book. For fans of both, you probably already have this book on your list. It won't disappoint.

Rated 4.25 out of 5 stars.

Mystery / Crime Thriller.

Publication Date: November 7, 2023.

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