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People We Meet on Vacation - a clever, refreshing romantic comedy.

Extroverted Poppy and the introverted Alex become unlikely best friends. They are both from a small town in Ohio and met while at the University of Chicago. Alex returned to his hometown to teach in the local high school and Poppy headed to New York City working as a travel writer. Each summer, they go on an exciting vacation which started out as budget-minded trips eventually expanding to overseas locations as part of Poppy’s work. Through the years, each have had romances with others yet Poppy and Alex, who both want very different things in life, have managed to stay platonic friends. But after one vacation, they have a falling out and the two stop speaking. Suffering from what her friend Rachel calls millennial ennui, Poppy finally realizes that the only time she is truly happy is when she is with Alex. Poppy finds a way to have another vacation with Alex. But has she buried her feelings for too long?

This delightful rom-com may seem like a typical friends-to-lovers story but it is author Emily Henry’s clever and insightful writing that makes this book so good. The dialogue is often very funny and the people Poppy and Alex meet during their vacations are very entertaining. The story will also tug at your heart as Poppy and Alex come to terms with their own pains and struggles.

If this sounds a bit like the movie When Harry Met Sally, author Henry notes that People We Meet on Vacation* is an homage to one of her favorite romantic comedies.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Berkley Books (US) and Penguin UK for the opportunity to read this witty and warm romance in advance of its publication.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Contemporary Romance.

Publication Date: May 11, 2021.

*You and Me on Vacation publishing on July 8, 2021 in the UK

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